At Simmons Bowling Pro Shop, we are focused on helping you bowl your perfect game. Below is a list of the main services/ products that we provide.

Ball Drilling

We can drill any bowling ball based on your style. From the two-handed 'shovel' approach to the classic one-handed approach, we have the experience and expertise you need.

Ball Plugging

Many get their bowling ball plugged in order to prepare it for redrilling. Changing the drilling layout of your ball will influence ball motion.

Ball Resurfacing

Over time the surface of your bowling ball may collect nicks and track lines. By resurfacing your ball using our Abralon pads we can remove deformities and restore your ball leaving it looking almost new!

Ball Baking

With repeated use, your bowling ball will soak up oil like a sponge. Our Rejuvenator Machine bakes the oil right out of your ball! It's recommended to bake your bowling ball every 50-60 games.

Bowling Accessories

We provide nearly all of the essential accessories to improve your game from ball cleaner spray to skin protection tape to shoe protector covers. Simmons Bowling Pro Shop has got you covered.

Bowling Lessons for Beginners

If you are new to bowling and want to learn the proper techniques, please call us to schedule a bowling lesson. We teach out of Waveland Bowl located at 3700 N. Western Ave.


For those that throw straight balls, we recommend the Basic Package while for those who want to throw hooks, we recommend the Hook Package. Both packages are available year-round!


T Zone Ball
BSI Basic Bag
KR O.O.P. Shoe or Linds House Shoe
Custom Fitting, Drilling, Engraving
148.95 Value

Special Price $139.95


Columbia 300 The Beast
BSI Basic Bag
KR O.O.P. Shoe
Custom Fitting, Drilling & Engraving
197.95 Value

Special Price $185.95


T Zone Ball
Solar Nova Kids Bag
Linds House Shoe
Custom Fitting, Drilling & Engraving
138.95 Value

Special Price $128.95



Simmons Bowling Pro Shop has gone through many changes since it's debut. Below are some of the key notable events from the past.


Simmons Sporting Goods Established

Simmons Sporting Goods was started in 1946 by Vern Simmons.



Simmons Sporting Goods became Simmons Bowling Pro Shop.

Early 1980's

New Leadership

Brian Simmons, the present owner of Simmons Pro Shop and son of Vern Simmons, started working full time at the pro shop.

Summer 1999


In the Summer 1999, Brian Simmons traveled to Las Vegas to attend IBPSIA School. His experience there revolutionized the way that he drilled bowling balls.


To help familiarize you with Simmons Bowling Pro Shop, here are some images that we took from inside and around the shop!


Quickly find out if we've already addressed your query.

Once we begin, between 45 minutes to an hour on average.
Whether you're a novice or an expert, a properly fitted bowling ball is essential if you want to bowl your best. A bowling ball that fits properly will actually feel lighter and be easier to throw. And it reduces the chance of hand pain or injury. A properly fitted bowling ball not only feels better, it will help you to be more accurate and help you to hook the bowling ball if that is your goal.
A beginner only throwing straight balls only needs one ball. As you advance and start to throw a hook you may need more than one ball.
Bowling balls range in price from $70 to $250 (with drilling), depending on their purpose and quality. High performance balls are more expensive because they have high tech cores/ covers and are designed to have more hook potential.
Yes, we drill balls that have been purchased online or elsewhere. Prices online tend to be more expensive than if you buy directly from your Bowling Pro Shop.

Disadvantages of Buying Your Ball Online:
  • 1. Warrenty Issues
  • 2. Cost of Drilling Usually Higher
There are many reasons why bowling balls stop hooking. If your ball is not hooking it might need to be cleaned, sanded with an Abralon pad or have the oil removed with a Rejuvenator Machine. It might also need to be fully resurfaced. One (or a combination) of these techniques will probably bring your bowling ball back to life. If your ball is very old you may need to purchase a new ball from your local Bowling Pro Shop. Most react resin bowling balls last ~200 games.
YES! It is very important to clean your bowling ball after each bowling session. You want to use high quality bowling ball cleaner, that is designed specifically for bowling balls, and disposable paper towel(s) to clean your ball. This will maximize the life of your bowling ball.
All balance holes must be plugged by August 1st 2020.
Yes, there's free street parking directly across the street and meter parking in front of the store.


Simmons Bowling Pro Shop
2147 W. Irving Park Rd.
Chicago, IL 60618

There's free street parking directly across the street (availablity may vary) and there is meter parking in front of the store.

Public Transportation: CTA Bus 80 - Irving Park and Irving Park Brown Line.


See us in person! We enjoy helping our customers, so feel free to stop in. Please visit our shop or call us at (773) 267-0926 during our hours of operations for anything bowling!


Sunday: Closed

Monday: 4-7:00pm

Tuesday: 12-5:00pm

Wednesday: 12-7pm

Thursday: 12-7pm

Friday: 12-6pm

Saturday: 11am-5pm

Our current hours are based on the Fall league season, which usually runs from September to April. These hours will change during the Summer league season which typically runs from May to August.